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          Our global portfolio of approximately 171,000 sites is composed of towers in advanced, evolving and developing wireless markets, in various stages of wireless network deployment. We have selectively expanded internationally to complement our core U.S. operations, as we believe that the network development trajectory we have seen in the U.S. will ultimately be replicated overseas.

          American Tower Global Presence

          Our Global Markets by Year of Entry*


          Kenya  |  700+ sites


          France  |  ~2,500 sites 
          Paraguay  |  830+ sites 


          Argentina  |  Portfolio of urban telecommunication assets, fiber and equipment
          installation rights on certain utility infrastructure


          Nigeria  |  ~4,700 sites


          Costa Rica  |  460+ towers


          Germany  |  2,000+ towers
          Uganda  |  1,100+ sites 


          Ghana  |  1,900+ towers
          South Africa  |  1,900+ sites 


          Chile  |  1,100+ towers
          Colombia  |  3,400+ towers 
          Peru  |  490+ towers 


          India  |  12,000+ towers


          Brazil  |  6,900+ towers


          Mexico  |  8,600+ towers


          United States  |  2,700+ towers

          * Site count reflects the number of assets in our portfolio at the time of entry into the market

          South Africa Office Location

          3rd Floor, Block C

          Monte Circle

          64 Montecasino Boulevard


          +27 10 003 8800

          Wireless infrastructure to enable a connected world.

          Founded in 1995, American Tower, one of the largest global Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), is a leading independent owner, operator and developer of multitenant communications real estate, with a portfolio of over 160,000 communications sites, including approximately 40,000 towers in the United States and more than 109,000 towers internationally.

          Join Us

          Join Us

          Become part of our team of diverse and talented thinkers and doers.

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          American Tower was named one of America’s Best Mid-Sized Employers in 2019 by Forbes.
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