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          Find New Revenue on Your Rooftop

          Lease your commercial rooftop to American Tower to turn empty space into a long-term revenue stream.

          As mobile network operators work to densify their networks, they’re looking for more and more commercial rooftop locations in crowded urban cores. In addition, broadcasters are looking for key rooftop sites on the tallest buildings.

          You don’t need expertise on mobile operators, broadcasters, or their businesses. We work with you on all aspects of rooftop leasing, so you can stay focused on your core business.

          Simplify the Leasing Process

          We’ve been helping property owners, mobile operators, and broadcasters make better connections for years.

          Learn More

          American Tower:

          • Markets your building to our mobile operator and broadcast customers.
          • Manages the collocation process to get tenants connected faster.
          • Administers all billing and accounts-receivable tasks associated with the rooftop space.

          Maximize Rooftop Revenue

          Take advantage of our pricing, marketing, and sales services to attract tenants and build revenue:

          • Market pricing experts ensure your site is priced right for your location and market
          • A sales team to work with our pool of thousands of individual tenants to market your site
          • Our site locator tool provides instant visibility of your site(s) to thousands of current and prospective customers

          Let Us Help

          At American Tower, we take customer service seriously. Please let us know how we can help you by contacting our landlord relations team at 866-586-9377, option 4 or landlord.relations@americantower.com.

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